Forever Forests…

  • Offers a wide array of consulting services to landowners, real estate investors, brokers, advisors and others seeking to explore the added value of private land conservation techniques.
  • Specializes in structuring conservation easements on private property and maximizing associated tax benefits.
  • Quantifies the anticipated economic impact of conservation strategies to assist owners and advisors in their decision-making.
  • Guides landowners through the myriad opportunities, requirements and regulations to make the most of available conservation benefits, tailored to reflect individual circumstances.
  • Assists real estate brokers in identifying creative approaches to enhance land sales and acquisitions by incorporating conservation elements.
  • Assembles and manages a project team to achieve the selected conservation objectives.

Forever Forests’ services include:

  • Identification of properties with high conservation potential.
  • Qualification of potential conservation benefits.
  • Quantification of potential conservation easement charitable donations.

Contact Forever Forests for a complimentary evaluation of the suitability of your property for a conservation-oriented strategy.

Forever Forests, LLC does not act as attorney, financial adviser, or accountant and is not registered as a securities dealer or broker.